HatcheryThe Bobcat Hatchery is a student-centered idea lab that operates as a low cost, supportive environment that helps new ideas and start-ups get establishment and develop to the point that they can stand on their own. The goal is to promote, stimulate, and support ideation development within the entrepreneurial student environment at Ohio University. Idea development and creation at the Bobcat Hatchery will ultimately lead to the establishment of high-growth companies in Ohio and nationally. Positive business impacts can only do more to stimulate economic development in the Southeast Ohio region and beyond.

The focus of the Bobcat Hatchery is innovative, emerging student ideas. It provides a broad scope of services including cost-effective space and support, space centrally located on campus, prototype production facilities, product realization and development services, and business consultation.

The Bobcat Hatchery stimulates interaction between student entrepreneurs and other Ohio University students, faculty, administrators, and staff. It offers unique research and development collaborations with local entrepreneurs, capitalizing on their facilities, business management expertise, and technologies to leverage our student entrepreneurial success.

The time spent as part of the Bobcat Hatchery provides real-world experience for our student entrepreneurs in ideation, business innovation and creation, and research & development.

The Incubation Residency

The length of student business involvement with the Bobcat Hatchery is tied to progression in growing the idea. Student(s) sign a three-month or semester agreement, which is renewable based upon an evaluation of progress and the professionalism of the teams students in the shared idea lab space. A maximum residency of one year is generally applied.

General Information

  • Computer Services BuildingLocation: The Hatchery is located in ground floor of the Computer Sciences Services Building adjacent to College of Business Entrepreneurial Center. Visit the College of Business and Center for Entrepreneurship webpage location information and contact information.
  • Services: The Bobcat Hatchery offers resources, including space and undergraduate assistants.
  • Management: Staff at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Business, Ohio University and the Center for Entrepreneurship Student Executive Team, manages the Bobcat Hatchery.
  • Application:  Student(s) may find the application and criteria online.  Bobcat Hatchery will accommodate 10 teams comprising and maximum occupancy will be no more than 40 students.
  • More Info:  Please email: aspegren@ohio.edu
Buddy Board
Genre Major
Sports Matrix PLUS
Solar Glass
Birdie’s Board Shop
33 Corridor
530 Funds
Initio Interactive
Sway the Crowd

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