Venture Café

Venture Café is open to all undergraduates, regardless of major.TechGROWTH Director John Glazer speaks to students about entrepreneurship at the Fall 2013 Venture CafeLearn about earning a certificate or majoring in entrepreneurship. Find out what entrepreneurship clubs and fraternities you can join. Come see what the Center will be bringing to you this upcoming academic year!

The Ohio University Center for Entrepreneurship Introduces:


The Intersection of Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship

6 PM–8 PM

Special Guest: Michele Migliuolo

How to Pitch Your Company in 20 Minutes

Investors have little time! Investors like to interrupt and ask questions! How can you make the most of the one hour they give you to pitch? You do this

by preparing a 20 minute investor pitch. If you plan for 20 minutes, you will take the full hour when questions and discussions are included. Come learn how to structure an excellent pitch, and then hear an actual pitch for a medical device company.

Michele Migliuolo is an entrepreneur who has co-founded five technology companies in Pittsburgh dealing with semiconductors, energy, and medical devices. He has twenty three years’ experience as an executive in manufacturing and sales of scientific capital equipment and analytical instruments. His expertise is with world- wide customers ranging from academic-government research laboratories, to medical device, semiconductor, superconductor, data storage, electro-optic, microscopy, and analytical chemistry industries.

Open to all students – FREE Register to attend:


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