Epsilon Nu Tau

Right now Epsilon Nu Tau is in week 3 of their pledge process. Members had previously created “Bug Me” lists that were narrowed down to a select few that could be turned into business models. Individually, members are taking those business models and creating a pitch presentation for the chapter. At the next chapter meeting, presentations will be made and the chapter will have a round table discussion for each.

Additionally, the chapter will be participating in Start Up Weekend Athens on Friday.

Epsilon Nu Tau at Ohio University

Are you entrepreneurially driven?

Do you see yourself turning ideas into reality?

Do you enjoy business innovation?

Epsilon Nu TauCollaborate with other go-getters and work together to build your dream business!

Epsilon Nu Tau is the Nation’s first entrepreneurship fraternity. This coed, professional organization will help you launch and maintain sustainable businesses. You’ll ultimately run your own nonprofit business, including everything from recruitment & marketing tactics and sales contests to legal documents, event coordination and financial statements.

Does all this get you excited?!

We’re looking for leaders here at Ohio University to join us in taking this one-of-a-kind fraternity to new levels!

Create a society and community of entrepreneurially spirited individuals.
Advance the ideals of professionalism & entrepreneurship.
Promote the art and science of salesmanship.
Encourage ethical business practices within the community and contribute to the welfare of society.

Please email Jordan Tyner at jt236310@ohio.edu or Jacob Freeder at jf621010@ohio.edu for more information!

Laurus Pariter.

Succeed Together.

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